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Cartec Diamond Cut 3000 - Hiomatahna. Extreme Cutting Power

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Cartec Refinish
Diamond Cut 3000 - Hiomatahna

Extreme Cutting Power


Diamond Cut 3000 is an extreme cutting compound. This compound is suitable for Paint Rectification, Ceramic/Scratch resistant paintwork. Diamond Cut 3000 removes all sanding marks, overspray, orange peel, paint runs and dust easily. Premium compound for saving time and materials, which provides exclusive high gloss finish. No water is needed to use the Diamond Cut 3000 due to its self-lubricating formula. This compound does not contain any fillers or silicones and is ammonia free. After Diamond Cut 3000 we recommend the Final Cut 9000 and/or Ultra Finish 12000 for the best Fini

  • Extreme fast cutting compound
  • High performance on hard and scratch-resistent paints
  • Fast removal of (sanding) scratches
  • Short polishing time, saving time & money
  • Easy clean up
  • Exclusive High gloss finish

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